Biggest Slot Wins in History

Biggest Slot Wins in History

No one can deny that they sometimes wonder about winning a jackpot at It’s easy to imagine what you would spend all the money on, perhaps a brand new house or maybe even a luxury holiday to a far off place.

The sad fact is that for most players these dreams will simply remain just that, dreams. However for a lucky few, they don’t have to dream about what they would spend their winnings on, these players actually won! Below are some of the biggest slot wins that have taken place in history! 

Jonathan Heywood – £13,209,300 – Mega Moolah 

Perhaps the most well known win, this is the win that set a brand new Guiness world record for highest slot jackpot win ever! At the time of his win, Jonathan Heywood was a soldier currently on leave from Afghanistan. What better way to make your homecoming than to win the jackpot on Mega Moolah! This wasn’t just any jackpot of course, it was a progressive jackpot. What’s most amazing about this win is that Jonathan Heywood reportedly only placed a bet of 25p before he won it all! An amazing return on his investment. The win took place in late 2015 and Jonathan Heywood was quoted as saying that he wished to spend his winnings to seek the best possible medical treatment for his Dad who was ill at the time. A noble way to spend his winnings. 

Neil – £6.3 million – Hall of Gods 

This jackpot winner is known only by Neil and he netted himself just over six million pounds by playing the Hall of Gods slot. This win took place much more recently, transpiring in 2017. Neil is alleged to have won the jackpot out of Aberdeen in Scotland. What’s most impressive about this win is that Neil was a completely new player, he had just opened up an account and deposited his first thirty pounds before he won. He had even made a rookie error on his initial stake for the Hall of Gods progressive jackpot, he placed the rather large amount of four pounds something which is not recommended for players who are new to slot jackpots. Nevertheless, Neil’s bet paid off big time as he was awarded over six million for his efforts. 

D.P. – £7.1 million – Mega Moolah 

Mega Moolah also gifted another player an absolutely extraordinary sum of money, this time the lucky winner is only known as D.P.. Whilst not much is known about D.P., what is known is that the jackpot was won thanks to mobile slot gaming website Zodiac, a relatively unknown casino site. Though the winner chose to remain anonymous, the win took place in August 2016 and the amount won managed to put D.P. among jackpot winner folklore. 

Final Thoughts 

Winning a progressive jackpot is something that most players will only be able to dream about however as the above prove, it is not an impossible feat. While some remained anonymous, others didn’t mind letting us know what they were spending their winnings on.

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