Advantages of Hiring Lisnic for your company

Advantages of Hiring Lisnic for your company

It is observed that many business owners and professionals take incorrect decisions, make mistakes mainly because of the lack of information and proper advice. In some industry sectors systematic denial of information is one of the most effective ways of destroying the competition, since the business owner is forced to make decisions based on incomplete information, resulting in major mistakes. Hence a large number of businesses are interested in finding a suitable business mentor and business coach for their business. Lisnic is a platform which helps business owners find the right business coach or mentor. Some of the advantages of hiring Lisnic for your company are discussed below.

Business mentor

Most professionals starting a business usually have friends in their peer group, who do not have any experience in starting or running any business. They often face problems while running the business like lack of orders, difficulty hiring and retaining skilled and hardworking employees , fundraising, complying to regulatory norms. Having an experienced business mentor who has started or worked in successful businesses, can help the business get the right advice to handle the problems faced and prevent any kind of problems in future also. The business mentor has a large network, and can also help in fundraising, getting new orders.

Business coach

In addition to the financial and marketing aspects of the business, running a business also involves handling a large number of people and communicating effectively. So though the business owner may have good marketing and financial skills, they may find it difficult to manage people or communicate well with others which will adversely affect the growth of the business. Hence having a business coach can help the business owner handle the different aspects of the business well so that it grows fast. In addition to helping the business owner handle anger, stress, anxiety better, the coach will also identify the skills like public speaking skills, which will help the business owner create the right impression.

Finding the right mentor and coach

Though many business owners would like to find a mentor and coach to help them, it is often difficult to find a suitable mentor. Typically informal methods have been used to find mentors, like the alumni association of schools, colleges, trade, industry associations and networking events. Using these methods is very time consuming, and many of the business owners do not have the time to attend the networking events to find mentors. Hence it is better to use platforms like Lisnic for finding top rated mentors, coaches for all types of businesses.

Advantages of Lisnic

Lisnic is a platform where a business owner who is looking for a mentor (also called a mentee) or mind coach can post his requirements. Business mentor and mind coaches looking for work, can bid for the work available to find suitable jobs. The coaching or mentorship is provided using video conferencing since Lisnic has a secure platform. In addition to giving the mentors, coaches, the opportunity to help others, they are also compensated financially for their time and effort.

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