Netflix has Exceeded 200 Million Subscribers

Considering the year that people have endured, it is not surprising to see that Netflix has now signed up more than 200 million subscribers worldwide. There has been a lot of time to fill, and while some people may enjoy gambling a little and go to 777 online, others have chosen to get a streaming subscription. There are so many different programs to watch that it is hard to decide what to choose first.

Considering the choice Netflix has to offer, it is not surprising that they are the first streaming company to have broken through the 200 million subscriber’s barrier. The end of 2020 saw an additional 8.5 million viewers, and as would be expected, a glut of new subscribers brought a significant increase in revenue. Even Wall Street was surprised to see that Netflix achieved more than 6.5 billion in revenue for the Q4 figures. Even allowing for a price rise, this is a phenomenal amount.

Who Is Joining?

Most of the people who have joined Netflix do not live in the United States. Even when taking the figures for North America’s whole into account, 83% of the new members were elsewhere. People who may never have considered joining such a site as Netflix have been enticed due to the latest programmes that have been added. Wherever you are, or whatever online content you read, there seems to be someone talking about the latest great programme or box set they are watching on Netflix.

What’s New?

A significant advantage of being a Netflix member means that you get to see programmes from around the world. People in Europe would rarely get the chance to see Sweet Home, the horror show from Korea, and likewise, people in the East may not get to see the German action series Barbarians. International content is a great way to bring viewers in.

English Language Offerings

With English being such a widely spoken language, there will be people from around everywhere watching English language content. Royalty is always a big draw, and that will explain the popularity of the Crown. Being able to binge-watch the series is a way to keep people interested as they don’t have to wait a week to see the next episode.  They will likely make a new series of some as more than 60 million have been watching different productions. Bridgerton has been incredibly popular, and there have been hints that there will be another season, leaving viewers excited and waiting for more information.

What does the Future Hold?

Viewers are likely to keep up their subscriptions as it has been announced that there are more than 500 new titles in different stages of production. As it is now possible to resume production under some conditions, new films will likely appear soon. There has been a plan put forward to show a new film every week throughout 2021. Despite not hitting their membership target every quarter, their shares have risen by 12.2 per cent.

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