A Student’s Life Hack: Exam Practice Questions

The standardized test is cross that many of us have to bear even at a young age, but as we age the test gets harder, and the time dedicated to preparation should increase. Although many will differ on your best option towards preparation, one thing is for certain, practice questions are a gift from above! You can never have too many of them, and although not everything you cover in the questions might not be on your exam, it provides examples of the content on the test. By you conceptualizing the idea behind the content in the question, you gain knowledge. So for instance you are studying for the MCAT, logic says you have to study hard. If you need to study fr a standardized test use NBCOT practice questions.

Though in reality, everyone will have to study hard if they want to make it, so don’t limit yourself to one set of practice questions. Get multiple, though notice that in online question databases this is different from attempts on a practice test. This is exclaimed because that is just one practice test that will repeat, and you may have a tendency to memorize answers rather than content behind the question. Use NBCOT practice questions if you are studying for pharmacy technician, NAPLEX, NPTE, USMLE step 1, or certified medical assistant standardized exams.

NAPLEX (North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination)

Most of the information can be found online from the people who make the test to information about registration, cost, availability, and helpful links too.

***For a complete list of what is tested please visit the link below to the NAPB website and explore.


The types of questions include multiple-choice, multiple responses, ordered response, hot spot, and constructed response types.

NPTE (National Physical Therapy Exam)

A few tips for this test are too.

– Be aware of and study all of the content areas.

– Take a few online practice assessments.

– Read the NPTE handbook.

– Look up other tips that may help you study or retain what you read!

USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination)

Many say the first step is to find out where you are knowledge wise and gauge where you want to be with a realistic projection into the park. For this try to pick a number around the general average but work like you are always behind schedule.

That is to say, don’t get complacent with your new-found knowledge, keep learning! You should start studying as early as possible, using practice questions from test banks, First Aid for the USMLE Step 1, and Rapid Review Pathology by Goljan. Then make a schedule and stick t it.

Certified Medical Assistant

By using the link below, you can get access to many helpful links on the AAMA Website. Things such as test concepts, textbook references, and information on review courses.

Pharmacy technician

This test contains a composite of 90 multiple choice questions, the topics include

– Pharmacy law

– HIPPA regulations

– Pharmacy math

– Pharmacy administration

You should verse yourselves over the topics before the exam and, don’t forget to make flashcards. However, if you have the cash to spare you can always buy flashcards from bookstores or online.

One can not forget about calculations as well! You need to study math. But fortunately for you, much of pharmacy mathematics involve fractions and ratios. You should try adding and subtracting improper fractions, reducing ratios, and calculating percentages. There are a number of practice applications available online for purchase.

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