Top 5 Local Ranking Factors You Need to Address: Advice From Top SEO Agencies in Chicago

The information in this piece is designed to help people of all levels of understanding in order to develop, manage, and maintain SEO marketing strategies. Every industry has seen a few big changes occur since the beginning of 2020, so some of this information should help address the fear of confidently moving forward with a rock-solid SEO strategy.

This information comes from some of the top SEO agencies in Chicago, so it is guaranteed to provide clear guidance for how to grow a business by implementing search engine optimization strategies.   

  • Strategy #1: Know What to Feed to Google Search Engines

    One of the biggest ideas that are stressed by top SEO agencies in Chicago is the concept of purposefully feeding certain things to better rank on Google’s search engines. Since Google searches produce results based on a variety of algorithms, professionals in the marketing industry have spent plenty of time figuring out how to use the system to their advantage.

    In order to rank high on Google’s search engine, businesses must incorporate the location of their storefront on their website. This is one of the most important local ranking factors that every business must take into consideration.
  • Strategy #2: Fight for Google Rankings

    According to Moz, there are plenty of reasons that businesses should be grappling with Google in order to find a higher ranking on local search results. There are two main reasons that a company should fight to get a higher search ranking. The first reason is fighting because of a mistake within one of Google’s products; the second reason to fight with Google is to stop any protests against a brand.

    A good example of legitimate reasons to fight for a higher ranking is if a company is using practices that violate Google’s terms of service, such as stuffing keywords within an article.
  • Strategy #3: Links From Other Companies

    One way to tip-off search engines about a company is to get recognition from other companies that operate in that business’ location. Even if other companies are operating in another industry, local links will help signal to search engines. The quality of links is also important; companies with better rankings will make more of a positive impact.
  • Strategy #4: Have More Than One Location Listed

    It’s important for customers to visit the company’s website. It’s also important to help search engines with their ranking procedures. Each location should be listed separately on the website.

    Many marketing professionals designate separate pages for each location, and some even suggest using another website altogether.
  • Strategy #5: Content Should Be Relevant and Evergreen

    While Covid-19 is trending in today’s search results, the pros at WordStream suggest creating content that will be useful in the future.

    It’s important that companies address this current events topic, but writing good content that is meaningful for new readers is always going to help rank on local searches. It’s likely that major news organizations will rank higher for topics that relate to Covid-19, but there’s room to discuss how a particular niche within a specific industry has changed.

Putting It All Together

This information should help steer marketing enthusiasts in the right direction. It’s important to keep updating the marketing plan as a company continues to grow. There are always new topics to interest consumers, and marketing professionals continue to find new ways to connect to audiences. By conducting research on the strategies for improving local ranking factors, companies are able to keep reaching new groups of customers.

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