Zantac Lawsuit – What are the grounds of the lawsuit?

Recently, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) discovered that Zantac (common name of Ranitidine) contains a significant amount of NDMA contaminants. This chemical compound is classified as carcinogenic and exposure to high concentrations can cause cancer. Following this announcement, a large number of consumers who have suffered or experienced signs of cancer have filed a lawsuit against the pharmaceuticals manufacturing the drug.

What is Zantac?

Zantac is a popular heartburn medication which is often used for relief from acidity and upset stomach. The drug acts on the H2 receptors which reduce the acid release in the stomach and offers relief. The drug is available in many forms and can be bought over the counter as well as with prescription.

Although there have been no clear results yet, that intake of Zantac is causing cancer, but the concentration of NDMA contaminant in the medicine is exponentially higher than the permitted limits. Thus, indicating can prolonged exposure and accumulation of the chemical can increase the chances.

What are the primary grounds of the lawsuit?

The primary argument against the drug manufacturers is that the consumers were misled and important information about the drug was withheld. Thus the plaintiffs have the grounds for personal injury for the lawsuit.

A consumer can claim that the drug design is unstable and harmful for them. Based on the studies, Ranitidine when reacts with the body inherently break into NDMA, which is a potentially cancer-causing compound?

Also, plaintiffs can claim that the manufacturers withheld important information about the side effects of the drug. Failure to disclose the risks and not adding warning labels that indicate the presence of NDMA can be used as a strong argument for the claim.

What can you do, if you have been taking Zantac?

If you or someone you know who has been taking Zantac for a long time and has been diagnosed with cancer. You could sue the manufacturing for personal injury and drug-related damages. Exposure to NDMA for a prolonged period could have been a cause of the illness. Cancer patients diagnosed with illnesses like bladder cancer, kidney cancer, leukaemia, myeloma, or any other forms after using ranitidine for a long time are eligible for a lawsuit.

Though, there are no reliable evidence to prove that Zantac causes cancer currently, your medical history, prescriptions and medication records can help establish a storyline for your case.

Also, if you have bought them over the counter without any prescriptions, you can use your purchase account history, medical bills, or receipts as a record of using Zantac.

Get legal assistance for your case

In most medicine/ drug lawsuits, defendants try to provision one’s medical history to counter and sway the claims. And it is often challenging to fight such cases without a firm grasp. An experienced Zantac Lawyer SO would understand the complexities of such a case and can raise conflicts. Attorneys at Torhoerman Law have years of experience in drug-related lawsuits and you can easily schedule a consultation with us if you or your loved one have suffered from cancer because of Zantac. 

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