Are babies known to possess knee caps at the time of birth?

The question when posed babies born without kneecaps at the time of birth? There is no clear-cut answer and people may give a yes and a no to it. A baby is known to possess cartilage that in days to come is expected to become a knee cap as the adults possess. Pretty much like bones, cartilage is known to provide structure in the body be it the nose, ear or the joints. Though at the same time cartilage is a lot flexible and softer than human bone.

What are the reasons why babies are not born with knee caps?

If babies are born with knee caps at the time of birth it can lead to birthing injuries or could even make the process more difficult. The bone tends to be flexible that is less rigid than cartilage and if any wrong pressure is applied would break. The kneecap incorporated of cartilage is expected to handle any pressure that a child makes when they are learning to walk or run.

At what juncture the kneecap could turn on to a bone?

Babies are known to possess a lot of cartilage in their skeletons as compared to an adult. The kneecaps of kids are known to ossify. From cartilage, they are known to turn into bone as this occurs between the ages of 2 to 6 years. Though this could be termed as a slow process it could end up taking years.

There are various other pieces of cartilage which around the same time hardens on to a bone. This is till the time when the kneecap goes on to become a fully fused bone. This would answer the question of why are babies born without kneecaps.

Through the primitive years of childhood, this process is expected to continue. By the time they reach 10 to 12 years of age it becomes into a fully infused bone. Just a small portion of the original cartilage remains in the form of a bone whereas another portion is fatty tissue in the form of a fat pad.

An insight into the kneecap of an adult

The patella of an adult crosses over to the knee cap. This does go on to protect the ligament structures or tendons of the knee joint. Even the movement of the knee is enhanced. In fact, for all activities of the body, the knee joint is a necessity. This is one of the primary weight-bearing joints of the human body. Every pound of body weight would be translating to four pounds of pressure on your knees.


Finally, to sum it up you need to strengthen your knees in the best possible way. The best way would be to strengthen your muscles as this would keep your knee joints stable and strong. It would be better to indulge in round the motion exercises as they are going to enhance the mobility of your knees. Finally, babies do have knee caps but they are cartilage at the time of birth.

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